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Guide to Authors for the
Proceedings of the
23rd International Symposium on
Lepton and Photon Interactions at High Energy

Dear colleagues,

Thank you very much for your wonderful presentation at the 23rd International Symposium on Lepton and Photon Interactions at High Energy. We would like to provide you with some useful guidelines to help you prepare your articles for the proceedings.

    1. As stated in the invitation, the maximum number of pages for each article corresponds to 1 page for every 2 minutes. For example, if you have talked for 20 minutes at the symposium, your article should not exceed 10 pages.

    2. How to estimate the length of your article? Please prepare your article in two column style with 10 point character size and standard spacing. The width of the text is 142 mm, and the height of the text is 210 mm. The length of the article includes figures, tables, and references as well.

    3. Once the length of the article is estimated, please submit your article in a LaTeX file, and figures in eps files. The style of the article, such as the section numbering or referencing, will be fixed later by the editors in order to keep the uniformity of the proceeding. Thus, you need not worry about the details of the format of the article style. The editing job is ours.

    4. Please submit the paper to one of the editors (sunkun@konkuk.ac.kr ) by October 15, 2007. We would like to publish the proceedings as soon as possible and hopefully by December of this year.

    5. Once you submit your article, you will be immediately informed of receipt, and of the subsequent process. If you have any questions about the proceedings, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Sun Kun Oh and Dongchul Son
Instruction for Speakers

Presentations should be performed electronically by using the beamer equipment provided by the conference center. A preview/testing area is available for all speakers in the #506 room at the conference site to examine presentations on the electronic preview system.
Speakers must submit their presentations at the very latest 24 hours before their scheduled presentation time in order to allow verification and transfer to the each session's system. Speakers must upload their presentations after logging in and also send their presentations via e-mail to scientific secretary who is assigned to the each session. http://chep.knu.ac.kr/lp07/htm/s11_01_01.htm#11. In particular, speakers who will give presentation on Monday (13th) are necessary to upload and send the presentations. A pdf version of your presentation should also be uploaded together with the Power Point (.ppt) version.

The following precautions should be taken to ensure smooth running of electronic presentations:
For PowerPoint files, use only TrueType fonts and embed them. For PDF files be sure to include all fonts when preparing the PostScript and PDF files. Software pre-installed on the computer for the presentation includes:
  - XP Professional
  - Adobe-Acrobat PDF Reader and Writer for Windows
  - RealOne Player
  - Internet Explorer
  - MS Office ( included the Equation Editor )
     Note : Softwares for Apple computer are not provided.

Before the Conference Starts
Upload your electronic presentation to our fileserver as early as possible, but at latest on the day before you are due to make the presentation. Name the file with the session ID and ord number (for example S01_36.ppt, here 01 and 36 denote session ID and ord number, respectively.) and then upload. You can find the session ID and ord number for your presentation in http://chep.knu.ac.kr/lp07/htm/s11_01_01.htm#11.
Authors who are unable to upload to the server should copy the file to a CD or memory stick and bring it to the scientific secretary at least one day before the talk.
Note that the computers used for the beamer presentations will be PC's with Windows XP installed. There will be no provision for authors to use their own computers. If this will cause you problems, please contact the scientific secretary as soon as possible.

At the Conference
Those speakers who have not uploaded their files in advance should give them (PowerPoint, PDF) to scientific secretary. The presentations can be checked at the # 506 room and loaded on the Conference site's computers.
Official opening hours of the #506 room:
Monday to Friday: 09:30 to 11:30, and 14:00 to 17:00

During the Presentation
The Scientific Secretary at the each session will help you with your presentation. Please get in contact with him/her before your session.
You will be presented with an screen displaying your presentation, a laser pointer, microphones and a simple remote to control your presentation. The remaining time of your talk will be displayed for speakers.

If you have any question, contact follow person: Prof. Eun San KIM
(eskim1@knu.ac.kr; 010-2494-5220 (in Korea))
Dr. Seunghwan SHIN (tlssh@postech.ac.kr)
Session Scientific Secretary
Session Speaker Chairs Session
Scientific Secretary
Monday,  August 13, 2007
Electroweak Physics
Robin Erbacher
Pierre Petroff
Sven Heinemeyer
Thomas Müller
Gerald Eigen
Sangsu RYU
Proton Structure
Claire Gwenlan
Markus Diehl
Elke Aschenauer
Andrei Rostovtsev
Brian Foster
Jungil Lee 
Jieun KIM
Searches for New Physics1
Stefan Soldner-Rembold
Mario Martinez-Perez
Claude Vallee
Georg Weiglein
George Hou
J©ªrn Dines Hansen
Jinhyuk CHUNG
Searches for Ne Physics 2 and Hot Topics
Rex Tayloe
William Lockman
Bostjan Golob
Kirsten Tollefson
Edmond Berger
Choong Sun Kim 
Jinho KIM
Tuesday,  August 14, 2007
Low Energy e+e and Charged Lepton Physics
Vladimir Druzhinin
Michael Roney
Mario Antonelli
Sérgio Novaes
Harvey Newman 
Jieun KIM
Flavor Physics1
Michael Hildreth
David Brown
Elisabetta Barberio
Sergio Bertoloucci
Pyoungwon Ko
Jaehan KOO
Flavor Physics2
Mikihiko Nakao
Gino Isidori
Roy Briere
Stanley Wojcicki
Grzegorz Polok 
Ilsung CHO
Particle Spectroscopy
Riccardo Faccini
Roman Mizuk
Simona Giovannella
James Brau
Deog-Ki Hong
Thursday, August 16, 2007
Quantum Chromodynamics
Christine Davies
Matthias Neubert
Lance J. Dixon
Geoffrey Taylor
Bum-Hoon Lee 
Messages from Space
Edward Wright
Yun Wang
Stefan Funk
Jongman Yang
Yitzhak Frishman 
Kyung Kwang JOO
Dark Matter and High Energy Cosmic Particles
Sunil Golwala
Gianfranco Bertone
Jihn-Eui Kim
Johannes Bluemer
Sun Kee Kim
Partria McBride
Hyun-Soo KIM
Friday, August 17, 2007
Neutrino Physics1
Fabrice Piquemal
Masayuki Nakahata
Jun Cao
Jenny Thomas
Herve de Kerret
Weiguo Li 
Jaison LEE
Neutrino Physics2 and Future Flavor Facilities
Andre de Gouvea
Chang Kee Jung
Yuanning Gao
Atsuto Suzuki
Soo-Bong Kim 
Myoung Joo OH
Future High Energy Facilities
Serge Claudet
Barry Barish
Mark J. Hogan
Hwanbae Park
Andris Skuja
Sachio Komamiya 
Hyunkwan SEO
Saturday, August 18, 2007
New Emerging Physics at the Energy Frontiers
Sergio Bertolucci
Joseph Lykken
Sandip Trivedi
Francois Richard
Sun Kun Oh
Seunghwan SHIN
Albrecht Wagner
Gregor Herten
Young-Kee Kim
David Saxon
Barbro Åsman (Stockholm)
Cha Won PARK
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