Program at a Glance
Overview of Program
08:15~08:45   Opening
Registration G

Registration Registration Registration
08:45~10:30 S 1
100 min
S 5
105 min
S 9
105 min
S 12
100 min
S 15
100 min
10:30~11:00 Refreshments Refreshments
11:00~12:50 S 2
110 min
S 6
110 min
S 10
105 min
S 13
105 min
S 16
95 min
12:50~14:30 Lunch Lunch
14:30~16:30 R
S 3
130 min*
S 7
120 min
Poster Session I
120 min
S 14
110 min
16:30~17:00 Refreshments Refreshments
17:00~18:15 S 4(Hot)
90 min*
S 8
S 11
110 min *
Session II

75 min
Evening Reception Concert Free Banquet Public
by Nobel
Laureate Leon
* Please note that session ending time is different.
- Session 1 (S 1) : Electroweak Physics
- Session 2 (S 2) : Proton Structure
- Session 3 (S 3) : Searches for New Physics 1
- Session 4 (S 4) : Searches for New Physics 2 and Hot Topics
- Session 5 (S 5) : Low Energy e+e- and Charged Lepton Physics
- Session 6 (S 6) : Flavor Physics 1
- Session 7 (S 7) : Flavor Physics 2
- Session 8 (S 8) : Particle Spectroscopy
- Session 9 (S 9) : Quantum Chromodynamics
- Session 10 (S10) : Messages from Space
- Session 11 (S11) : Dark Matter and High Energy Cosmic Particles
- Session 12 (S12) : Neutrino Physics 1
- Session 13 (S13) : Neutrino Physics 2 and Future Flavor Facilities
- Session 14 (S14) : Future High Energy Facilities
- Session 15 (S15) : New Emerging Physics at the Energy Frontiers
- Session 16 (S16) : Closing
Details of Program
August 12, 2007
Registration 15:00

August 13, 2007
Ord Sessions and Talks SS
Time slot Speakers
  Session (S0) : Opening S00 08:15~08:45
30 min
Chairs :
01 Welcome   5 Dongchul Son (LOC Chair)
02 Welcome   10 Zheong G. Kim
(President of Korean Physical Society)
03 Congratulatory address   5 Han Jo Lim, Director General of Basic
Research (KOSEF)
  Session (S01) : Electroweak Physics S01 08:45-10:25
100 min
Chairs :
Thomas Muller (Karlsruhe)
Gerald Eigen (Bergen)
1 Top quark properties
  30 Robin Erbacher
(Univ. of California, Davis)
2 Electroweak measurements at the Tevatron
  30 Pierre Petroff (LAL, Orsay)
3 Precision electroweak physics from low to high energies
  40 Sven Heinemeyer (Univ. of Cantabria)
Refreshments   10:25~11:00  
  Session (S02) : Proton Structure S02 11:00-12:50
110 min
Chairs :
Brian Foster (Oxford)
Jungil Lee (Korea)
4 Deep inelastic scattering
  30 Claire Gwenlan (Univ. College London)
5 Implication of HERA measurements for LHC
  30 Markus Diehl (DESY)
6 Recent results from lepton proton
scattering on the spin structure of the nucleon
  25 Elke Aschenauer
(Jefferson LAB)
7 Diffraction and vector meson production
  25 Andrei Rostovtsev (ITEP, Moscow)
  Lunch   12:50-14:30  
  Session (S03) :
Searches for New Physics 1
S03 14:30-16:40
130 min
Chairs :
George Hou (National Univ. Taiwan)
J©ªrn Dines Hansen (Niels Bohr)
8 SM Higgs searches
  30 Stefan Soldner-Rembold (Manchester)
9 SUSY/Non SM Higgs searches
  30 Mario Martinez-Perez
10 Searches for exotic phenomena at colliders

  30 Claude Vallee
(Univ. of Marseille)
11 Phenomenology at TeV scale physics at colliders
  40 Georg Weiglein (Univ. Of Durham)
  Refreshments   16:40~17:00  
  Session (S04) : Searches for New Physics 2 and Hot Topics S04 17:00-18:30
90 min
Chairs :
Edmond Berger (ANL)
Choong Sun Kim (Yonsei)
12 MiniBooNE result
H 25 Rex Tayloe (Indiana Univ.)
13A Recent result on D0 mixing from BaBar
H 20 William lOckman
(UC-Santa Cruz)
13B Recent result on D0 mixing from BELLE
H 20 Bostjan Golob
(Univ. of Ljubljana)
14 Striking results from the Tevatron
H 25 Kirsten Tollefson
(Michigan State University)
  Reception   19:00-21:00 EXCO
August 14, 2007 (Tuesday)
  Session (S05) : Low Energy e+e- and Charged Lepton Physics S05 08:45-10:30
105 min
Chairs :
Sergio Novaes (UNESP)
Harvey Newman (Caltech)
15 Study of e+e- annihilation at low energies and two-photon interactions
  35 Vladimir Druzhinin (Novosibirsk)
16 Charged leptons as probes of the SM
  35 Michael Roney (Univ. of Victoria)
17 Precision tests of SM with kaons
  35 Mario Antonelli (Frascati)
  Refreshments   10:30~11:00  
  Session (S06) : Flavor Physics 1 S06 11:00-12:50
110 min
Chairs :
Sergio Bertoloucci (Frascati)
Pyoungwon Ko (KIAS)
18 Measurements of B meson mixing and B lifetimes
  30 Michael Hildreth (Notre Dame)
19 CKM phase and CP Violation in B Decays
  40 David Brown
(Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
20 CKM element magnitudes (Leptonic
and semileptonic B, D, and K decays)
  40 Elisabetta Barberio
(Univ. of Melbourne)
  Lunch   12:50-14:30  
  Session (S07) : Flavor Physics 2 S07 14:30-16:30
120 min
Chairs :
Stanley Wojcicki (Stanford)
Grzegorz Polok
(Henryk Niewodniczanski
21 Probing new physics with rare B, D, and K decays
  40 Mikihiko Nakao (KEK)
22 Flavor physics: Now and in the LHC era
  40 Gino Isidori (Frascati)
23 Hadronic decays of charm mesons
  40 Roy Briere (Carnegie Mellon Univ,)
  Refreshments   16:30~17:00  
  Session (S08) : Particle Spectroscopy S08 16:55-18:15
80 min
James Brau (Oregon)
Deog-Ki Hong (Pusan Nat'l)
24 Heavy quarkonium states
  25 Riccardo Faccini
(Univ. of Roma & INFN)
25 Heavy flavor baryons
  25 Roman Mizuk (ITEP, Moscow)
26 Light meson spectroscopy
  25 Simona Giovannella (Frascati)
  Transportation to Opera House
Opera House
August 15, 2007 (Wednesday)
Group Tour
ILCSC Meeting
ICFA Meeting
August 16, 2007 (Thursday)
  Session (S09) :
Quantum Chromodynamics
S09 08:45-10:30
105 min
Chairs :
Geoffrey Taylor (Melbourne)
Bum-Hoon Lee (Sogang)
27 Recent and future developments
in lattice calculations
  35 Christine Davies
(Univ. of Glasgow)
28 QCD calculations of decays of heavy
flavor hadrons
  35 Matthias Neubert (Mainz Univ)
29 Hard QCD processes at colliders
  35 Lance J. Dixon (SLAC)
  Refreshments   10:30~11:00  
  Session (S10) : Messages from Space S10 11:00-12:45
105 min
Chairs :
Jongman Yang
(Ewha Womans)
Yitzhak Frishman (Weizmann)
30 Cosmic microwave background:
Recent results and future prospects
  35 Edward Wright (UCLA)
31 Observational approaches to understanding dark energy
  35 Yun Wang
(Univ. of Oklahoma)
32 Gamma ray astrophysics

  35 Stefan Funk (SLAC)
C11 Meeting
Poster Session 1 : P01 14:30-16:30  
  Refreshments   16:20~16:50  
  Session (S11) : Dark Matter and High
Energy Cosmic Particles
S11 16:50-18:40
110 min
Chairs :
Sun Kee Kim
(Seoul N National Univ.)
Patricia McBride (Fermilab)
33 Dark matter searches
  25 Sunil Golwala (Caltech)
34 Dark matter: An integrated approach
  30 Gianfranco Bertone (IAP, CNRS)
34a Axion as a dark matter candidate
  30 Jihn-Eui Kim
(Seoul National Univ.)
35 Future facilities for and physics
of high energy cosmic particles
  25 Johannes Bluemer (Univ. of Karlsruhe)
Transportation to Banquet

Hotel Interburgo

August 17, 2007 (Friday)
  Session (S12) : Neutrino Physics 1 S12 08:50-10:35
105 min
Chairs :
Herve de Kerret (IN2P3)
Weiguo Li (IHEP)
36 Beta decay experiments
  25 Fabrice Piquemal
(CEN Bordeaux-Gradignan)
37 Neutrinos of cosmic origin experiments
  25 Masayuki Nakahata
(Univ. of Tokyo)
38 Reactor neutrino experiments
  25 Jun Cao (IHEP, Beijing)
39 Accelerator neutrino experiments
  25 Jenny Thomas (Univ. College London)
  Refreshments   10:30~11:00  
  Session (S13) : Neutrino Physics
and Future Flavor Facilities
S13 11:00-12:45
105 min
Chairs :
Atsuto Suzuki (KEK)
Soo-Bong Kim (Seoul National Univ.)
40 Neutrino physics: Current understanding
and Open theoretical questions
  40 Andre de Gouvea
(Northwestern Univ.)
41 Planning the future neutrino projects in global context: ideas, challenges, and limitations
  25 Chang Kee Jung
(SUNY, Stony Brook)
42 Future programs for flavor physics at
hadron and lepton colliders
  40 Yuanning Gao
(Tsinghua University)
  Lunch   12:45-14:40  
Session (S14) :
Future High Energy Facilities
S14 14:40-16:30
110 min
Chairs :
Andris Skuja (Maryland)
Sachio Komamiya (Tokyo)
43 LHC machine
  25 Serge Claudet (CERN)
44 Status of ILC
  25 Barry Barish (Caltech)
45 Advanced accelerator technology
  30 Mark J. Hogan (SLAC)
46 Detector R&D for ILC and novel ideas in detector technology
  30 Hwanbae Park
(Kyungpook National Univ. )
  Refreshments   16:30~17:00  
Poster Session 2 : P02 17:00-18:15  
  Transportation to Main Auditorium at KNU
Public Lecture by Nobel Laureate Leon M. Lederman
-Title: Scientists and the Art of 21st
Century Science Education

Auditorium at Kyungpook
National University
August 18, 2007 (Saturday)
Session (S15) : New Emerging Physics at the Energy Frontiers S15 08:50-10:30
100 min
Chairs :
Francois Richard (IN2P3)
Sun Kun Oh (Konkuk)
47 Status of LHC experiments and
prospects for early physics
  40 Sergio Bertolucci (Frascati)
48 Physics at the energy frontiers
  30 Joseph Lykken (Fermilab)
49 String theory: Cosmology and LHC
  30 Sandip Trivedi (TIFR, India)
  Refreshments   10:30~11:00  
Session (S16) : Closing S16 11:00-12:25
90 min
Chairs :
David Saxon (Glasgow)
Barbro Åsman (Stockholm)
50 Report from ICFA
  20 Albrecht Wagner (DESY)
51 Report from C11
  20 Gregor Herten(Univ. of Freiburg)
52 Summary and outlook
  45 Young-Kee Kim (Univ. of Chicago/Fermilab)
List of Accepted Posters
P-No. Session Primary
Authors ABS No. Title of ABS
P-1 Electro-
Shaohua Fu D0
ABS-S01-005 Searches for Standard
Model Higgs Production
Associated with
Vector Bosons at D0
P-2 Maria Spiropulu CMS
ABS-S01-007 Potential for Top Quark
physics with the CMS
detector at the LHC
P-3 Deog-Ki Hong Deog-Ki
ABS-S01-008 Techni-Orientifold beyond
the Standard model
P-4 Maria Spiropulu CMS
ABS-S01-015 Search for a Standard
Model Higgs
Boson in CMS via Vector Boson
Fusion in the H¡æWW¡æ l¥íl¥í
P-5 Proton
Abzal Temiraliev A.T.
ABS-S02-001 Radiactive correction at polarized
lepton-nucleon scattering
P-6 Alexander Yuchko Yuchko,
ABS-S02-003 Improved semi-spectral
Chebyshev method
P-7 YeonSei Chung YeonSei Chung/
CDF Collaboration
ABS-S02-004 W Charge Asymmetry
and Z Rapidity
Measurements at CDF
P-8 Jong Hyun Kim Dae Sung Hwang,
Jong Hyun Kim,
Seyong Kim
ABS-S02-006 Single-spin asymmetries and
proton structure
P-9 Ali N. Khorramian Ali N. Khorramian,
S. Atashbar Tehrani
ABS-S02-008 The Q**2 evolution of the non-singlet nucleon structure function in perturbative QCD
P-10 Searches
for New Physics
Satyaki Bhatta-charya Satyaki Bhattacharya,
Sushil S. Chauhan,
Brajesh C. Choudhary,
Debajyoti Choudhuri
ABS-S03-04-005 Search for Excited Quarks in $q\bar{q}
\rightarrow \gamma \gamma
$ via $q*$ Exchange at the LHC
P-11 Kentarou Mawatari S.Y. Choi,
K. Hagiwara,
H.-U. Martyn,
K. Mawatari,
P.M. Zerwas
ABS-S03-04-006 Spin Analysis of Supersymmetric
Particles at $e^+e^-$ colliders
P-12 Wei-Tou Ni Q & A collaboration ABS-S03-04-007 Q & A EXPERIMENT TO
P-13 Mitsuo Hayashi M. J. Hayashi,
Y. Okame
ABS-S03-04-009 (0,2) Gauged Linear Sigma
Model on Supermanifold
P-14 Maria Spiropulu CMS collaboration ABS-S03-04-010 Extra Dimensions and New
Vector Boson Searches
in CMS
P-15 Jose A. R. Cembranos Jose A. R. Cembranos ABS-S03-04-013 Minimal universal extra
P-16 Flavor
Prof. Ho-Meoyng
H.-M. Choi, C.-R. Ji ABS-S06-07-009 Perturbative QCD analysis of
exclusive production
of J/\psi + \eta_c
in e^+e^- annihilation
P-17 Jae-hyeon
Pyungwon Ko,
Jae-hyeon Park,
Masahiro Yamaguchi
ABS-S06-07-011 Flavor violation in a
P-18 Mr.
Sungwoo YOUN
D0 at Fermilab ABS-S06-07-012 Information on the Width
Difference and Indirect
CP Violation in the Bs
System Using the Decay
Bs to Ds(*)Ds(*)
P-19 Yasaman Farzan Yasaman Farzan ABS-S06-07-013 Tracing CP-violation in Lepton
Flavor Violating Muon Decays
P-20 Urs Langeneg-ger CMS collaboration ABS-S06-07-014 Heavy Flavor Physics Studies
in the
CMS Experiment
P-21 Hyosang
Lee Hyosang,
ABS-S06-07-016 Search for the Rare Decay
KL-> pi0 nu nubar at E391a
P-22 Liliana Velasco-Sevilla E. J. Chun,
L. Velasco-Sevilla
ABS-S06-07-017 SO(10) GUT models and soft
P-23 Ms. NANAE Taniguchi Belle Collaboration ABS-S06-07-018 Improved measurements
of $B\to \rho\gamma$
and $B\to\omega\
P-24 Maria Spiropulu CMS collaboration ABS-S06-07-019 Heavy Flavor Physics Studies
with the CMS Experiment
P-25 Jungil Lee Geoffrey T. Bodwin,
Eric Braaten,
Daekyoung Kang,
Taewon Kim,
Jungil Lee, Chaehyun Yu
ABS-S06-07-162 Inclusive Charm Production in
bottomonium Decays
P-26 Particle Spect-
Prof. Stephen Olsen S.K.Choi, S.L.Olsen,
K.Trabelsi /
Belle Collaboraton
ABS-S08-007 Study of $X(3872)$ production in
neutral $B$ meson decays.
P-27 UMUT KOSE G. De Lellis,
A.M. G?er,
J. Kawada,
U. K?e,
O. Sato and
F. Tramontano
ABS-S08-008 Search for charmed pentaquarks
in high energy anti-neutrino
P-28 Quantum Chromody-namics
Satyaki Bhatta-charya Pooja Gupta,
B. C. Choudhary,
S. Chatterjee,
S. Bhattacharya,
R. K. Shivpuri
ABS-S09-001 Direct Photon plus Jet Study
for the CMS Experiment
at the LHC
P-29 Cristiano Brenner Mariotto C. Brenner Mariotto,
V.P. Goncalves
ABS-S09-003 Non linear gluon evolution and
prompt photons at the LHC
P-30 Magno Machado Magno V.T. Machado ABS-S09-004 Electroweak DVCS processes in
neutrino-nucleon scattering
within the QCD color dipole
P-31 Prof. Mohammad Ebrahim Zomorrodian M.E. Zomorrodian ABS-S09-007 coupling constant between quark
and gluon in electron positron
P-32 Jungil Lee Geoffrey T. Bodwin,
Hee Sok Chung,
Daekyoung Kang,
Taewon Kim,
Jungil Lee,
Chaehyun Yu
ABS-S09-015 Resummation of Relativistic
Corrections to e^+e^- -> J/psi + eta_c
P-33 Messages
from Space
Mitsuo J. Hayashi M. J. Hayashi,
Y. Okame and others
ABS-S10-002 Angular Power Spectrum
in Modular Invariant Inflation Model
P-34 Eunhwa Jeong Eunhwa Jeong,
G. F. smoot
ABS-S10-003 The Validity Test of The Cosmic
String Pattern Search With
The Cosmic
Microwave Background
P-35 Dark Matter
High Energy Cosmic
Particles (S11)
Kyung Sook
K.S. Kim, M.W. Lee,
V. Commichau,
U. Roeser,
G.M. Viertel,
G.N. Kim,
D. Son, J. Yang
ABS-S11-009 Study on a Detection System
for High Energy Electrons and
Positrons in Space
P-36 JungHoon Choi KIMS Collaboration ABS-S11-011 Limits on WIMP-nucleon
cross section
with CsI(Tl) crystal detectors
P-37 Neutrino
Jiwoo Nam Jiwoo Nam /
ANITA collaboration
ABS-S12-13-002 Preliminary Results from ANITA
P-38 Akira Takamura Keiichi Kimura,
Akira Takamura,
Tadashi Yoshikawa
ABS-S12-13-003 Measuring the Leptonic
CP Phase in $\nu_{\mu} \to
\nu_{\mu}$ Oscillations
P-39 Teppei Baba Teppei Baba,
Masaki Yasue
ABS-S12-13-004 General Properties of Leptonic
CP Violation Induced by
Symmetry Breaking
P-40 Hyun Kyu Lee Hyun Kyu Lee ,
Yongsung Yoon
ABS-S12-13-005 Neutrino pair production
in strong magnetic field
P-41 Yoshio Koide Yoshio Koide ABS-S12-13-006 Broken SU(3) Flavor Symmetry
and Tribimaximal Neutrino Mixing
P-42 Future High Energy
Albert Sirunyan F.Adamyan,
ABS-S14-001 Experimental study of photon
beam polarimetry based on
nuclear e+e- pair production
in an amorphous target
P-43 Kihyeon Cho Kihyeon Cho,
Hyunwoo Kim
ABS-S14-002 e-HEP (High Energy Physics)
P-44 Markus Cristinziani Markus Cristinziani/
ATLAS collaboration
ABS-S14-004 Top quark physics @ ATLAS
P-45 Sergey Barsuk Sergey Barsuk /
Calorimeter group
ABS-S14-005 Physics with LHCb calorimeter
P-46 Gerald Eigen CALICE collaboration ABS-S14-007 First test beam results of the
and TCMT
P-47 Patrick Puzo ATLAS ABS-S14-008 Total cross section and absolute
luminosity measurements for ATLAS
P-48 Nural Akchurin DREAM Collaboration ABS-S14-009 Dual-Readout Calorimetry
with Crystals
P-49 Maria Spiropulu CMS collaboration ABS-S14-010 The CMS Electromagnetic
P-50 Maria Spiropulu CMS collaboration ABS-S14-011 Status of the CMS Hadron
Calorimeter at LHC: Combined
Test Beam,
Installation, Commissioning
P-51 Prof. Kenneth Long MICE ABS-S14-012 MICE: the international Muon
Ionisation Cooling Experiment
P-52 New Emerging Physics
at the
Energy Frontiers
Sung-Won Lee Sung-Won Lee/
The CMS HCAL Collaboration
ABS-S15-002 Status of the CMS Hadron
Calorimeter at LHC: Combined
Test Beam,
Installation, Commissioning
P-53 Heuijin Lim Heuijin Lim/ATLAS ABS-S15-005 Performance and Commissioning
of the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter
P-54 Jose A. R. Cembranos Jose A. R. Cembranos, Jonathan L. Feng,
Louis E. Strigari
ABS-S15-006 Present decaying Dark Matter
List of Accepted Posters Download
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