About EXCO (Daegu Exhibition Convention Center)
The conference will take place at the EXCO, Daegu, Korea. EXCO features a complete array of facilities such as catering services, restaurants serving fine cuisine, banks, post offices, travel agencies, and spacious parking areas.

During Lepton-Photon 2007, The 5th floor will be mainly used. As specially designed for varied large events, the column-free convention hall on the 5th floor can be divided into two small halls.
  Detailed Information on floor plan will be provided later.
ㆍ5F : Convention Hall 1ㆍ2Teleconferencing & Small-sized Conference Rooms, Italian Restaurant
ㆍ4F : International Conference Room, Small Business Corporation
ㆍ3F : Exhibition Hall 3ㆍ4, Medium & Small-sized Conference Room,
          Large-sized Conference Rooms, Large-sized Conference Room
ㆍ2F : EXCO Office, Business Support Centers
ㆍ1F : Exhibition Hall 1ㆍ2, Bank, Travel Agency, Post Office, Coffee Shop
ㆍB1, B2 : EXCO Mall (Furniture, Living Necessaries, Restaurant Area)
ㆍB3, B4 : Parking Lot