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Lepton Photon 2007 (LP07)
Special Conference Program
Companion´s Program
Daily Excursion
Special Conference Program
 Date  Time  Event  Place
Aug 13, 2007 Evening Welcome Reception EXCO
Aug 14, 2007 Evening Concert Daegu Opera House
Aug 15, 2007 Day Group Tour Pohang or Gyeongju
Aug 16, 2007 Evening Banquet Hotel Inter-Burgo
Aug 17, 2007 Evening Public Lecture Kyungpook National Univ. Auditorium
Free Shuttle bus will run between Hotel Inter-Burgo and EXCO Center for event participants.
Welcome Reception
All delegates and accompanying persons are warmly invited to attend the Welcome Reception, to be held at EXCO, Monday, Aug. 13. This welcoming cocktail party will provide an opportunity to network with colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. The cost of the welcome reception is included in event registration fees. For those not registered, single tickets will be available at the registration desk (USD50).
LP07 Concert will be held at the Daegu Opera House, Tuesday, Aug. 14. Seulgidoong, the performer, is a leading modern chamber ensemble devoted to popularization of traditional music by modernizing it. Its nine members have given distinguished performances all over Korea. They combine Korean traditional music with new age sounds in such a unique way as to create an original repertoire. All delegates and registered accompanying persons are welcomed to enjoy this lively event. Unregistered guests may also join in this grand event (USD50).
Group Tour
  · Free of charge for registered delegates and accompanying persons
· For those who are not registered, single tickets are available for USD30
· Lunch tickets will be available at a reasonable price
  We are pleased to offer delegates an opportunity to visit an institution related to high energy in Korea along with famous attractions near Daegu. More information on Group tours will be forthcoming.
Experience a truly special night in Korea at our Grand Banquet. Great foods will be served accompanied by a colorful Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) fashion show. We believe this banquet promises to give you an unforgettable evening in Daegu. Unregistered accompanying guests that wish to participate are encouraged to do so. Tickets will be available at the registration desk at USD80 for adults, USD25 for children. Children under 12 are free.
Companion´s Program
Korean Traditional Paper Craft Class
The Korean craft of papermaking called Hanji, has been deep rooted in our heritage since the middle of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). The natural texture of the paper is smooth and cozy to the touch. Through the Korean paper craft class, you will experience the elegance and strength of traditional mulberry paper, Hanji, which has inspired Korean artisans for years. Free of charge for registered delegates and accompanying persons. Unregistered accompanying guests may also join in this creative event (USD20).
Session Date Location
1 Tuesday. Aug. 14 EXCO
2 Thursday. Aug. 16
  · This program is sponsored by Hotel Inter-Burgo and the Daegu Convention and Visitors Bureau.
Daily Excursion
Downtown Daegu (Aug. 13)
  · Time : 14:00- 18:00
· Price : USD25
· The price includes : English-speaking guide, Private vehicle during the tour, All admission fees,

Dongseogno street, and the surrounding area is the busiest in Daegu city. It is packed with fashionable clothing and accessory shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. A visit to this lively part of town will give you clear insight into the trends and popular culture that exists in Daegu today.
Mt. Palgongsan & Donghwasa Temple (Aug. 14)
  · Time : 14:00- 18:00
· Price : USD35
· The price includes : English-speaking guide, Private vehicle during the tour, All admission fees,

Mt. Palgongsan is located in the north eastern region of Daegu, as the backdrop of the city. Citizens frequent here like a garden at home, but the highest peak of this grand mountain is 1,192m above sea level. Mt. Palgongsan also offers a number of cultural and natural heritage sites, Buddhist shrines, and some of the freshest food around.
Bullo-dong Ancient Tomb Park & Otgol Village (Aug. 16)
  · Time : 14:00- 18:00
· Price : USD35
· The price includes : English-speaking guide, Private vehicle during the tour, All admission fees,

A total of 211 ancient tombs give visitors a grand scene with their well-preserved shapes and various sizes. The tombs are believed to be the tombs of those who ruled the area, and was built during the Three Kingdoms era (26 BC - 676 AD). Near this site is a village of the Gyeongju Choi's clan (Otgol Village), where typical houses of the ruling Yangban (noble) class of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) can be viewed.
Haeinsa Temple (Aug. 17)
  · Time : 09:00- 18:00
· Price : USD100
· The price includes : English-speaking guide, Private vehicle during the tour, All admission fees,

Haeinsa is perhaps Korea's best known temple, as it houses more than 80,000 wooden printing blocks, which compose the Tripitaka Koreana, the most complete collection of the Buddhist Canon found in Eastern Asia. The Blocks remain in excellent condition and are the basis of the most authoritative edition of Buddhist scripture.

Other tour programs are available for delegates and accompanying persons. For more information, please click here

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    Administrative Secretariat: Ms Hyeyoung KIM
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