• You might find that Daegu is written as Taegu in some place. Taegu is early Romanized Korean
   word for Daegu.
• We expect that it would not be easy to get tickets of transportation on weekends. We would like
   to recommend to participants making early reservation.
• There are two train stations in Daegu. One is Dongdaegu Train station which is main train station
   of Daegu city and the other is Daegu train station. Please note that KTX (Korean Train Express)
   may not stop at all Daegu Stations.
• The LP07 organizing committee will reserve certain number of domestic flight and KTX
   (Korean Train Express) tickets for participants who need it. Specific details will be forth coming.
Getting to Korea
Getting to Daegu
Getting to EXCO
Getting to Korea
          We have 5 International Airports in Korea, Incheon, Busan(Gimhae), Daegu, Cheongju and Jeju Airport. Incheon International Airport would be most well known one among those, but all are acceptable gate way to LP07. (Because of inconvenience of transportation to Daegu, Cheongju International Airport is less recommendable.)
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